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Linear Motor Precision Laser Cutting Machine

The marble table has good rigidity and the performance of the intelligent CNC
system is more perfect

Application area

► Machinery or Microelectronics Industry ◄
► Glasses Industry ◄
► Precision Processing Industries ◄
linear motor drive with higher control accuracy

A driving device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert electrical energy into linear motion

Can accomplish reciprocating linear motion

It has higher dynamic characteristics and control accuracy, higher feed speed and acceleration, and longer service life.


The frame adopts a gantry structure, which has good finishing rigidity and high strength;
the beam body adopts a lightweight design with good acceleration performance, precision machining by CNC gantry milling machine
to ensure precise movement.

intelligent cnc system

♦ EtherCAT bus type front-end CNC system (AheadTests) ♦
♦ Greatly improve the flexibility and scalability of the equipment ♦
♦ Make smart factories and equipment interconnection possible ♦
♦ Its overall smooth, easy-to-use man-machine interface ♦
♦ Rich functional modules ♦
♦  Independent process database ♦


It has the characteristics of high strength, light weight
corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance
and low density.

It will not deform after working for a long time
and greatly increase the processing speed.

cutting samples


Working Area600×600mm
Max Linkage Speed80m/min
Max Acceleration1.0G
Positional Accuracy±0.01mm
Re-positional Accuracy±0.004mm